Mysteries of the American Revolution

Books: Mysteries of the American Revolution series

The Southern theater of the American War of Independence. The frontier stretches thousands of miles, from the Carolinas to the Caribbean. It's crawling with murder, espionage, terror, and treachery. There's no room for neutrals - or cowards.

Plunge into this dynamic New World with the historical mystery and suspense of Suzanne Adair, where ordinary people overcome threats to their lives, fortunes, and honor - and heroes are forged.

Paper Woman

Paper Woman, book #1 of the Mystery of the American Revolution series, winner of the Patrick D. Smith Literature AwardShe expected the redcoats to solve her father’s murder. The redcoats and her father had other plans.
In early June 1780, the village of Alton, Georgia, is rocked by the triple murder of the town printer and one of his associates, both outspoken patriots, and a Spanish assassin. Alton's redcoats are in no hurry to seek justice for the murdered men. The printer and his buddies have stirred up trouble for the garrison. But the printer's widowed daughter, Sophie Barton, wants justice for her father. Under suspicion from the redcoats, Sophie sets out on a harrowing journey to find the truth about her father — a journey that plunges her into a hornet's nest of terror, treachery, and international espionage.

Patrick D. Smith Literature Award recipient

Sample Review: "A swashbuckling good mystery yarn!" — The Wilmington Star-News

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The Blacksmith's Daughter

The Blacksmith's Daughter, book #2 of the Mystery of the American Revolution seriesThe patriots wanted her husband dead. So did the redcoats. She took issue with both.
In the blistering Georgia summer of 1780, Betsy Sheridan uncovers evidence that her shoemaker husband, known for his loyalty to King George, is smuggling messages to a patriot-sympathizing, multinational spy ring based in the Carolinas. When he vanishes into the heart of military activity, in Camden, South Carolina, Betsy follows him, as much in search of him as she is in search of who she is and where she belongs. But battle looms between Continental and Crown forces. The spy ring is plotting multiple assassinations. And Betsy and her unborn child become entangled in murder and chaos.

Sample Review: "Adair holds the reader enthralled with constant action, spine-tingling suspense, and superb characterization." — Midwest Book Review

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Camp Follower

Camp Follower, book #3 of the Mystery of the American Revolution series, nominated for the Daphne du Maurier Award and the Sir Walter Raleigh AwardA deadly assignment. A land poisoned by treachery and battle. She plunged in headfirst.
Late in 1780, the publisher of a loyalist magazine in Wilmington, North Carolina offers an amazing assignment to Helen Chiswell, his society page writer. Pose as the widowed, gentlewoman sister of a British officer in the Seventeenth Light Dragoons, travel to the encampment of the British Legion in the Carolina backcountry, and write a feature on Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton. But Helen's publisher has secret reasons for sending her into danger. And because Helen, a loyalist, has ties to a family the redcoats suspect as patriot spies, she comes under suspicion of a brutal, brilliant British officer. At the bloody Battle of Cowpens, Helen must confront her past to save her life.

  • Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Historical Mystery/Suspense nominee
  • Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Fiction nominee
Sample Review: "Adair wrote another superb story." — Armchair Interviews

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